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Born in Tehran and raised in Paris, Oklahoma, Washington DC and Los Angeles, at first Afsoon thought she'd be an architect. But as she explored her creativity she was drawn instead to the inventive rush of art & design.


After earning her BFA from Washington University, Afsoon dove headfirst into the world of Graphihc Design. Professionally she provides her clients with unique, bespoke work that supports their vision, while retaining essential elements of timeless quality.


Her disciplined eye for meticulous intricacy, and her artist's eye for nature's exquisite flourish coexist all at once in her work.


In her art, she explores the extraordinary shapes, forms, colors and meaning hiding in plain sight among us every day. She feels the push & pull of history and the demands of modernity while embracing the raw gravity of simplicity.

She lives in Northern California with her husband and family.


-Selected Artist - "Figure Telling" Exhibition - Summer 2023

  di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art

-WInner Napa County Diorama - Design Competition

  Displayed in California State Capitol

-Public Arts Grant for WIldlife Murals in Napa City Center


Jackson Family Wines

Tamber Bey Vineyards

Old Bridge Cellars

Savage & Cooke Distillery

Rubissow Wines

Lola Kay Wines

NBC Universal

Chase Cellars

Folio Wine Partners

Hunneus Vintners

St. Supery Estate Vineyards & Wines

Sunrise Montessori of Napa

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